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The Hamptons, USA

Best Luxury Travel Destinations to Visit

1.Swiss Alps, Switzerland Snow topped mountains, levels, and planes of the Swiss sets the right state of mind for nature significant others as there is...


Wonder Place

8 of the most beautiful places in Britain you’ve never heard of

There are many famously picturesque places to visit in the UK - as well as many you may not know about. Here are a...

16 Haunted Places Over The Planet

1) Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England Built in 1145, the Ancient Ram Inn is believed to be the most haunted house in the entire British...
Paysage de Grand Etang

10 Wonderful African Islands

When mentioning an African holiday, most people will probably think of a safari tour, a visit to an ancient Egyptian monument or perhaps a...
amazon rain forest

The Amazon: The World’s Largest Rainforest

The Amazon River Basin is home to the largest rainforest on Earth. The basin -- roughly the size of the forty-eight contiguous United States...
Toru? Poland

10 Wonders of the World You Don’t Know

While most of these wonders will be known to a few people, they are, on the whole, not as well known as the famous...


Where Culture and Nature Meet: Ten Places to Visit in Nepal

Combining natural beauty, cultural heritage and a rich history, Nepal is one of the most culturally appealing places in the world. Historical cities and...
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