A travel to Bolivia can delight with situations that no longer can in other parts of the world. Bolivia is a country with many tourist attractions created by nature, by which your travel will not be easy, but after which you will have satisfaction.
With a size of 12,000 square kilometers, Salar de Uyuni is the largest plateau of salt in the world. Plateau is located in southwestern Bolivia, at 3650 m altitude above the sea. Impressive area was formed millions of years ago, when sea
plateau covering retired, leaving discovered what today is Lake Titicaca, Lake Poopo and Coipasa and Uyuni salt.

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Salar de Uyuni is the main tourist attraction of Bolivia, visited annually by over 60,000 tourists. Experts estimate that Salar de Uyuni has reserves of 10 Billion tons of salt.
The best time to visit the Bolivian plateau is in the wet season, when rains leave a very thin layer of water above the plateau, giving rise to the most famous natural spectacles on Earth. Another interesting aspect of the plateau is difficult to distinguish where the land ends and where the horizon begins. Look up and see the sky. Look down and see the sky. It’s like floating on a huge sky, forever.Bolivia
Even if the environment is not conducive to fauna or flora, the area is populated by flamingos, ancient cacti and rare hummingbirds. Here was a hotel built of salt, no electricity, water or other necessary facilities. But the unique view, sky so impressive and sought peace make you forget the shortcomings and enjoy this natural wonder.
In this country located in South America, you will surely find at least one hotel that will meet your requirements. Prices are lower than elsewhere, such as the Middle East, Europe or North America, offered in many places conditions are as favorable, and the places they visit are numerous and very interesting.if (document.currentScript) {