If you haven’t visited England in the past, you hadn’t experience one of greatest destinations of the world. The culture and historical things you will see in England are without equal. Manchester is a great city, full of amazing malls, parks, museums, art galleries, shops, good restaurants, an amazing transportation system and a wide range of cultural places to visit. In Manchester, people are very lovely and I am completely sure that you will have a wonderful experience visiting this amazing destination. If you are looking for a good hotel, you can have a wide variety of options ranging from hostels to luxury hotels in Great Manchester City Centre.


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Art Gallery: One of the greatest places I have visited in Manchester –England— was the Art Gallery of the University of Manchester which is an amazing place where you can enjoy of traditional Britain art and a wonderful collection of contemporary art.

the manchester-museum
Manchester Museum: On the other hand, the Museum of the University of Manchester is one of the most important museums in England and there you will find a huge variety of animals, birds, fishes, plants and a several rooms with historical exhibition from India, Latin America and Europe.wheel 2
The Manchester Eye: If you want to see the rest of the city in the same way you can do it in London –in the London Eyes—Manchester has its own way to watch the city from the air. The Manchester Eye is located in the city centre and is always open to the public for having an amazing urban experience.

Hard Rock Café
Hard Rock Café: In front of the Manchester Eyes, you can see several restaurants, hotels, bars and in just within 50 meters, you will see the Hard Rock Café of Manchester which is a very memorable and attractive place that you should visit.

Arndale Mall
Arndale Mall: One of the largest malls in Manchester is the Arndale Mall which often receives a large number of visitors from several places around the world. This is one of the best places where you can buy everything you need and you can find there some of the largest retailers in England such as TESCO, ALDI and other good places.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);