Seljalandsfoss, IcelandSeljalandsfoss-Iceland
Seljalandsfoss is a waterfall in south Iceland. Seljalandsfoss is located between the town of Selfoss and another famous waterfall – Skógafossone, it is about 60 meters tall. There is a trail leading behind the falls, which makes this place an endless source of photo ops and quite popular around photographers, but you’ll need to wipe the camera lens and shoot as quickly as you can due to the spay of water.
Mitchell Falls, AustraliaMitchell-Falls-

Mitchell Falls are a chain of four waterfalls located in the remote north of the Kimberley Region (Western Australia, a little more than 2,000 kilometers northeast of Perth.).
It is a part of Mitchell River National Park (one of the protected areas of Western Australia), Mitchell Falls are probably one of the park’s main attractions.
Mangatini Falls, New ZealandMangatini-Falls-New-Zealand

Mangatini falls is a giant and amazing waterfall in Ngakawau Canyon,in New Zealand.
By following the Charming Creek Walkway for about 45 minutes and going by smaller waterfalls you then encounter this gigantic and beautiful waterfall, and can get pretty close to the waterfall.
Skógafoss, IcelandSkógafoss

Skógafoss is a waterfall in south Iceland. The Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a width of 25 metres (82 feet) and a height of 60 m (200 ft). Because of the vast amount of spray which the waterfall consistently produces, a single and sometimes a double rainbow is usually visible on sunny days.
Plitvice Lakes, CroatiaPlitvice-Lakes-footbridges
The Plitvice Lakes National Park is located about 140 kilometers south to Zagreb in Croatia. It is the biggest national park in Croatia.
There is an eneter fee of arounf – $18 US Dollars (for adults), unfortunately it is forbidden – if you want you can head further south to Krka National Park which is similar (but smaller..) where swimming is allowed.
The Plitvice Lakes are about 16 lakes with waterfalls separating them one from another, it is a very popular destination. there are several wooden footbridges, which make the visit even more amazing.
Havasu Falls, USAHavasu-Falls-USA

Havasu Falls, is apart of Grand Canyon which is in Arizona in the USA.
On the trail to Havasu Falls, there are some other minor waterfalls, but Havasu is by far the most impressive
There is a minor man-made dam which helps restore the natural pools (that were damaged by massive floods of the early 1990’s) and in order to preserve what is left. There are picnic tables on the other side of the creek one can cross over by walking on the edges of the pools.
Swimming is allowed and you can even go behind the falls where a small rock shelter can be found.

Iguassu falls, Argentina & Brazil

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Iguassu falls (in Argentina- Iguazu, in Brazil– Iguacu) Iguassu falls are the Third biggest waterfalls in the world, Iguassu falls consist of 275 separate falls and is actually bigger than Niagara Falls.
Iguassu falls are located on the Border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil though the Iguassu falls belong only to Argentina and Brazil (Brazil 20%,Argentina 80% ).
when the weather is good (and since it has a subtropic climate it is usually good), it offers a spectacular view, especially from the viewing platform.

Victoria Falls, Zambia & ZimbabweVictoria Falls
The Victoria Falls or as the locals refer to it: “Mosi-oa-Tunya” (meaning: “the Smoke that Thunders”) is a gigantic waterfall, one of the worlds largest waterfalls. it is located in southern part of Africa on the Zambezi River which is the border of 2 countries – Zambia and Zimbabwe. it is defiantly a very impressing site, especially from up above.
Angel Falls, VenezuelaAngel-Falls-V
Angel Falls in Venezuela (Or as natives used to call it “waterfall of the deepest place/the fall from the highest point”) is the world’s highest waterfall with a 979 meters drop. The waterfall drops from Auyantepui mountain.
Angel Falls were not known to the world till 16/11/1933 when the American pilot, Jimmie Angel (Angel Falls were named after his surname) flew over them on a flight while he was looking for good mining areas.

Niagara Falls, USA / CanadaNiagara-Falls
Niagara Falls are probably the most famous waterfalls in the world. Niagara Falls are actually three waterfalls(Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls) Which sit right on the border between the United States and Canada.
The Falls drop on the highest spot from more than 50 meters and every minutes it conveys a little more than 110,000 Cubic meters of water on average. It is possible to get close to the Waterfalls and get a little wet out of the mist and hear better the roar of the water, on board of “Maid of the Mist” which is a tour-boat operating since 1846. (Not the same boat..just the same name) It is pretty common to see rainbows on sunny days due to the vast amount of mist.